Fairmont Loves Winter

Fairmont Loves Winter: Embracing Lake Louise’s Frozen Charms

Love is in the crisp, snow-kissed air! This February, we’re reveling in our adoration for Lake Louise, our passion for the season, and most of all, our unwavering love for the great outdoors. What sets us apart is the chance to share these breathtaking moments with loved ones, all amidst the stunning natural canvas that surrounds us in Lake Louise.

Here are some cherished activities to savor at Lake Louise this winter. Whether you’re snowshoeing, skiing, or simply taking a serene stroll, don’t forget to tag #FairmontLovesFebruary to share your beloved winter adventures and celebrate the allure of this incredible destination!

Take on the snowy trails around the shores of Lake Louise

Explore the Trails

Embark on an adventure along Lake Louise’s exquisite trails! As the landscape transforms into a winter wonderland, our experienced guides are ready to lead you through captivating snowshoe journeys. From enchanting treks to Fairview Lookout for panoramic vistas to exploring the untouched beauty of Johnston’s Canyon, our guides await to unveil the best of Banff National Park’s winter trails!

Seeking a self-guided trail experience? Connect with our rental shop, Chateau Ski and Snow, offering daily snowshoe rentals, allowing you to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring wilderness of Lake Louise.


Conquer the Slopes, One Run at Time

Our devotion to the mountains knows no bounds. With an array of ski runs catering to all skill levels and the majestic 360-degree views of the Rockies offered across three world-class ski resorts – Lake Louise Ski Resort, Banff Sunshine Village, and Mount Norquay – Banff National Park is a haven for skiers and snowboarders alike. Each turn unveils picture-perfect scenes, adorned with fluffy white snow, a testament to the seasonal blessings courtesy of Mother Nature herself.

Sit back and relax as your sleigh is pulled through the snowy landscape of Lake Louise

Unwind and Rejuvenate

Because who doesn’t deserve a touch of relaxation? Whether it’s a couple’s spa retreat, at the newly renovated Fairmont Spa, set to re-open this February, or an afternoon of cozy hygge moments in the Living Room, Lake Louise offers the perfect respite. Alternatively, cap off your day’s adventures by reminiscing around our outdoor lakefront fire pits and unwinding whilst toasting a s’more or two. Repeat after us, “Ski, relax, rejuvenate, repeat.”


Savor the Magic of Sleigh Rides

Indulge in a fairytale-like experience with enchanting sleigh rides tracing the shores of Lake Louise. Imagine gliding through a winter wonderland aboard a horse-drawn sleigh, the crisp air tinged with the fragrance of evergreens, as you immerse yourself in the serenity of this picturesque landscape. Revel in the romance and nostalgia as you witness the snow-draped trees and the magnificent expanse of Lake Louise, a scene straight from a storybook, unfolding before your eyes.

Glide across the icy stage of Lake Louise and take in the winter wonderland that surrounds you.

Glide and Revel on the Ice

Lake Louise transforms into a playground of frozen delights during winter, inviting visitors to partake in the joys of ice skating and marvel at the ethereal beauty of the ice castle. Lace up your skates and twirl across the frozen wild ice of the lake, surrounded by the grandeur of snow-capped peaks. The ice castle, a true testament to artistry, stands as a crystalline masterpiece amidst this wintry landscape. Whether you’re skating hand in hand or exploring the dazzling chambers of the ice castle, Lake Louise offers an enchanting experience that seamlessly merges natural splendor with whimsical winter adventures.


Winter at Lake Louise is nothing short of enchanting – the sun illuminates the landscape, adventures beckon, and the vistas are more mesmerizing than ever! Whether you’re carving through powder on the ski slopes, gliding across frozen Lake Louise, encountering wildlife in their home habitat, or exploring Banff’s snow-cloaked trails, one thing remains constant – our unwavering passion for the outdoors! Happy exploring!

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