Light Up the Night in Lake Louise

Discover Winter’s Radiance

As the day fades to night, Lake Louise takes on a new charm. Stars begin to twinkle overhead and an abundance of evening adventure unfolds before you. Promising an unforgettable experience to those who dare step into the night and explore the crisp snow-covered landscape. Embrace Lake Louise as the twilight gives way to darkness, revealing the seasonal glow in all its captivating splendor.

Ice Skating under the Stars in Lake Louise

Skate Beneath the Moonlit Sky

With stars overhead and moonlight glistening on the ice castle, the tranquil frozen waters of Lake Louise beckon. Glide across the surface, surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, enjoying the peaceful ambiance interrupted only by the gentle sounds of skates and shared laughter.

Discover the Quiet of the Snow

For those seeking to escape the soft glow of the hotel lights and explore the winter wilderness, Night Owl Snowshoeing unveils a serene, almost mystical world. Follow our Mountain Adventure Guides along peaceful trails, where the hushed beauty of winter envelops you. Let your headlamp illuminate the path, unveiling a world few get to witness.

A Fairy-Tale Sleigh Ride

Step into a fairy-tale scene with a horse-drawn sleigh ride along the snow-covered trail of the magnificent frozen Lake Louise. The rhythmic jingle of sleigh bells accompanies the soothing sounds of horses’ breaths, cocooning you in tranquility where time seems to pause.

couple roasting marshmallows over a campfire

Fireside Tales

As night falls and the world slows, join us by the lakeside fire pits. The crackling flames cast shadows on the snow, offering a comforting warmth that soothes the spirit. Toast marshmallows, sip on hot cocoa, and let the sparks of the fire ignite your winter wonder.

Elegant Dining

If indoor warmth beckons, our renowned dining venues at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise offer culinary experiences beyond a meal. At Walliser Stube, immerse yourself in the fondue ritual—a cozy and intimate evening with delicious cheese and dippables. For breathtaking views and sophisticated dining, our Lakeview Lounge crafts expertly paired cocktails with seasonal flavors.

friends drinking wine and eating dinner

Lake Louise is more than a destination; it is an unforgettable chapter in your personal story. It is a place where adventure, romance, and celebration come together to create moments that linger as cherished memories lasting long after the snow has melted. Let the enchantment of this destination light up your spirit and make each moment count as you light up the night in Lake Louise.

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