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Wellbeing: New Adventures in 2020

Wellbeing: New Adventures in 2020

You are reading this blog because you are a Traveler with a capital T. Your soul searches out new experiences and adventures. Exploring the world expands your mind and is a part of your identity.

2020 has brought so many changes to our daily lives and one of the biggest is the limits it has put on where and how we travel the world. Many of us are mourning this change specifically. If you are like the rest of us reading this, you have always had the next destination in clear view. Probably with flights booked and activities scheduled. Now, as with so many other things, everything related to travel looks either slightly or vastly different. It is important to take time to process this piece of loss and then look towards the future.

There is documented research that your brain reacts the same way when you travel to a far-away destination as when you take a 5 minute bike-ride. The key is doing something ‘new’. When you approach any new hiking trail, restaurant, country or activity, there is a rush of excitement that you can consciously tap into. Turning down a different street in your neighborhood will always reveal something you weren’t aware of before. A new restaurant to try, a new boutique to check out, perhaps a piece of wall-art that is beautiful. Taking a walk in a new park will invariably introduce you to a new tree or landscape feature that will bring a smile to your face. Choosing a new restaurant or item on the menu, can be the same hit of adventure whether it is minutes from your home or in a different country.

This is the time to direct your sights on your backyard/neighborhood, town/city, province/state. Have fun discovering or rediscovering the treasures and delights that are close to home. Challenge yourself to find the wonder and awe in the ‘new’ adventures that you can experience. And, if you are fortunate enough to call Alberta or Canada home, then come visit us in Lake Louise and discover this part of your ‘back-yard’. Bring a conscious sense of exploration into your week, see where you can get lost in your neighborhood and enjoy the journey. Fairmont is committed to the well-being of all of our guests. Our Fairmont Fit platform ensures that we are providing the opportunity for our guests to have strong bodies, clear minds and full spirits.

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