Walks on the Mild Side

Walks on the Mild Side

With two feet and a heartbeat, you will be amazed at what you can see in Lake Louise. With our soaring peaks, you can be forgiven for thinking that hiking here involves hours of uphill climbing, but in reality, there is a whole world of hikes that are a relaxing stroll in the woods. As the seasons shift and our local larches turn brilliant gold, it’s the ideal time to take to the trails. But the golden rule to larch season is that you have to be here to see it. So if you don’t have plans already, now’s the time to plan a spur-of-the-moment Lake Louise getaway. Pack your hiking shoes and your camera. These walks on the mild side will soon be turning winter white!

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Lake Louise Lakefront Trail

Is there anything more luxurious than stepping out the doors of your hotel to explore the world-famous Lake Louise at any time? The flat-out and back Lakefront trail offers the opportunity to gain new perspectives on Lake Louise without breaking a sweat. You can wander as far as you like to the end of the lake or even continue on to the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail if you’re craving more adventure.


To add some fitness to your adventure, you can join our Mountain Adventure Program for a morning group jog.

Fairview Lookout

Featuring stunning views of Lake Louise, Chateau Lake Louise and the surrounding mountains, a hike to the Fairview Lookout offers the best bang for your hiking effort buck. Departing from the hotel follow the trail to the boathouse and join into the Lakeview Lookout trail directly behind. It’s worth taking in the views from the boathouse while you’re there. The hike steadily climbs to 100 m over 1 km of trail. Your heart rate will rise and you may need to shed a layer or two, but the effort is very manageable for anyone with moderate fitness.


Remember to stop by the Guide’s Pantry to pack a lunch to enjoy trailside. The lookout is an excellent place to stop for lunch with a view.

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Moraine Lake Shoreline Trail

Any view that is iconic enough to be on the Canadian $20 bill should be on every visitors bucket list. A shoreline stroll is a perfect way to appreciate the beauty of still waters and soaring peaks at Moraine Lake. Chateau Lake Louise guests have exclusive access to our hotel shuttle to the lake. You can explore the schedule and book your transfer here.


Thanksgiving weekend is the last weekend to visit Moraine Lake before the road closes for the winter! Looking to explore deeper? You can venture into the Larch Valley from Lake Moraine to discover even more fall colours.

Peyto Lake Panorama Overlook

For a view with altitude, but minimal effort, Peyto Lake Panorama Overlook is a local favourite. This daytrip stop on the Icefield’s Parkway is a must-do for guests. The short trail from the parking lot to the lookout is just long enough to build anticipation for the jaw dropping views ahead. The lookout offers prime views over the length of the glacial blue waters of Peyto lake. Make sure to bring your camera, it’s hard to take a bad photo here


Give your car a break and join one of our Icefield Parkway tours instead. Not only is transportation included, the knowledgeable guide is a wealth of local information.

Chateau Lake Louise with views of the lake and mountains

Seasonal Savings

You can take advantage of some of the best rates of the year by visiting during autumn. From your accommodation to dining and activities, you can save across the board by planning a fall visit. Explore our Best Fall Offers to learn more about the ways your dollar goes further this time of year.

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