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Iconic Peak, Signature Cocktail
Iconic Peak
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Iconic Peak, Signature Bottled Cocktail

Experience the taste of Lake Louise at home, to share with friends and family, or simply savour the taste whilst reminiscing over your time spent at the iconic Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Regional manager of Mixology for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts in Canada’s Western Mountain Region, Nils Schabert, created this unique cocktail to speak to the hotel’s unique environment, showcasing the exceptional experience that we provide for our guests. The cocktail represents the surroundings of the iconic Lake Louise, and nature’s transformation throughout the year. The color symbolizes the late evening sun embracing its red and purple glow over the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise when sinking behind the majestic mountain range. Partnering with The Fort Distillery in Edmonton, Alberta, Nils crafted the cocktail himself choosing ingredients and flavours to create a rich and balanced cocktail that embodies Lake Louise’s four seasons.

Let’s take a closer look at the inspiration behind the flavours

Comprised of whisky, tawny port, lemon juice, Campari, honey water, and Fairview Bitters, the Iconic Peak cocktail has a smooth full-bodied texture delivered from the port wine and honey balanced with a hint of bitterness from Campari and fresh acidity from the lemon. The bitters add the herbal touch without overpowering the drink’s flavourful sensation.

Whisky & Port Wine are used as the base for the cocktail. The whisky is used to represent Canada’s beautiful and responsible approach to rye distillates. Tawny Port Wine, a fine and luxury digestif, the perfect to finish a multi-course menu. Together they showcase the elevated and refined service you can only find here at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. The whisky and tawny port wine represent autumn with their earthy warm flavours and appearance.
Campari’s bitterness is used to express the rough conditions of our surroundings, and for the native wildlife in and around Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. This ingredient represents the cold winter season felt in Banff National Park.
Lemon juice symbolises the stimulating freshness that the spring provides to the area, supported by the cold & clear glacier waters of Lake Louise.
Honey water representing the sweetness infused into the mountain air when everything blooms during the summer season – taking a sweetener from nature.
House-made Fairview Bitters, take on the herbaceousness from the local ingredients, such as pine and spruce tip as well as chamomile, sourced outside of Banff National Park.

Where will you drink yours?

The Iconic Peak cocktail is available made-to-order from Fairview Bar or stop by The Guides Pantry to pick up your bottled cocktail to take home. The cocktail can also be ordered through In Room Dining.

Price: $21 each

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