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Ice Bar in Canada
Ice Bar
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Warm up at the Coolest Ice Bar in Canada

Picture yourself sipping on a cocktail with your special someone while admiring one of the most scenic landscapes in the world. Could this be any more romantic? This is one of the coolest bars in the Canadian Rockies, where the longer you sip your cocktail, the cooler it gets. Join us for an experience you won’t forget. The Ice Bar opens mid-December and remains open until mid-April, weather permitting.


  • 20 blocks of ice, each weighing 300 lbs, are used to construct the Ice Bar
  • Spaces in the walls are caved out for the benches
  • The Ice Bar walls are the most labour intensive and time consuming aspect of the bar. It takes a week to complete them from start to finish
  • The Fairmont logo on the Ice Bar is made from coloured sand


Try our signature drink, Mulled Wine, or warm up with our Spicy Santa, a hot chocolate spiked with Park Chili Vodka, Vanilla and Park Cacao Tincture.

Hours of Operation

12:00 PM – 6:00 PM



Reservation not required. Walk-in basis. Priority service given to hotel guests.

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