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Known for its stunning turquoise waters cradled by the towering Valley of the Ten Peaks, Moraine Lake beckons nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Just a short drive from Lake Louise, this must-visit destination captivates with unforgettable hiking, canoeing, and photography opportunities. Don’t miss out on this iconic natural wonder during your Lake Louise stay. Plus, simplify your visit with our guest-exclusive shuttles, offering convenient options for short trips, half-day, and full-day excursions, including our iconic sunrise experience shuttle.

The Moraine Lake Road is set to open in early June through to Thanksgiving weekend.

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Moraine Lake Shuttles:

Sunrise Experience – Departure times change throughout the summer season.

Daily Shuttles:
Short Trips:
Departs   |   Returns
8:45am   |   11:40am
11:00am   |   1:40pm
1:00pm   |   3:40pm

Half-day Trips:
Departs   |   Returns
9:00am   |   1:55pm
1:15pm   |   5:55pm

Full-day Trips:
Departs   |   Returns
9:00am   |   4:40pm


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