• Myofascial Recovery Retreat

Fascial Fitness – Wellness Retreat

Kathleen Keller
Wellness Facilitator – Owner Keller Method Vitality Inc.
Certified teacher of Fascial Fitness, Pilates Rehabilitation and TRE® – Tension Release Exercise.
Entrepreneur facilitating retreats, lectures and workshops.

You will learn how myofascial “lines of pull” profoundly affect your body on deep levels, sometimes causing pain and dysfunction. It is never “too late” to learn how to get healthier myofascia! You will come away knowing how to unwind, rehydrate and nourish your myofascial system.

Have fun learning how to build a better myofascial body. Discover how to become FASCIALICIOUS again!

You will attend seven classes (11.5 hours) with Kathleen Keller, a multi-certified health and fitness professional with 40+ years’ teaching experience. In these classes you will practice the main components of Fascial Fitness:

  • Myofascial Recovery: Learn Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) techniques. A profoundly effective self-care method to help replenish the deep cellular level hydration that your myofascia once had. You will experience using an assortment of small therapeutic balls on various areas of your body.
  • Power Stretching: Explore the most up-to-date scientific methods of myofascial stretching. You will discover gentle oscillatory & micro-movements utilizing different lines of trajectory and vector loads. You learn to access body-wide “myofascial lines”, (we don’t just pull-on individual muscles.)
  • Elastic Recoil: Train your myofascia to release the “stored energy” it holds. We do this through dynamic movements like pre-loaded “springy little jumps” and “elastic arm springs”. You learn sweeping full-body functional movements with light kettlebells.
  • Sensory Refinement: Cultivate proprioception (feeling where your body is in space). Myofascia is a highly intelligent and sensory body-wide organ. We cultivate refinement of movement and body awareness and the development of elegance, grace, and beauty in the body’s expression of movement.

You will acquire a whole new understanding of your body on a deep level. You will learn the most current scientifically proven methods to positively affect your myofascia.

Kathleen will provide modifications for students new to the techniques. This retreat is suitable for all fitness levels, but it is highly advised that you have some base level of physical fitness in order to fully participate in all the techniques and movements.

Join Kathleen on this FASCIANATING deep dive of body-exploration and active immersion into your myofascial system.


October 17 – October 20, 2024


Kathleen Keller


Retreat Itinerary

Retreat Takeaways

  • Learn profoundly effective Fascial Fitness methods you can do on your own
  • Kick-start integrating Fascial Fitness concepts into any fitness or movement routine you already do
  • Understand your whole body on a much deeper level
  • Meet people from all over the world, have some laughs and perhaps forge new friendships
  • Disconnect from your busy life and enjoy space and time for reflection
  • Pamper and immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful places in the world

Retreat Includes

  • 3 nights’ accommodation at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
  • 7 classes (11.5 hours) with Kathleen: Friday & Saturday two morning classes and one late afternoon. Sunday morning one class
  • Thursday evening: Welcome cocktail reception with appetizers PLUS Kat gives a Fascial Fitness Concepts talk with Q&A
  • Daily group breakfast and dinner on Friday & Saturday. Breakfast included on Sunday. Gratuities included. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated
  • Amenities at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
  • Free time daily

Retreat Rates

Early Booking Offer: First 5 bookings will get a complimentary room upgrade to the next available room category.

  • Rates based on Fairmont room do not include taxes or service charges
    • Single occupancy is available from $2,130 CAD for the full retreat
    • Double occupancy is available from $3,450 CAD for the full retreat
  • Three night stay required (October 17 – October 20, 2024)
  • US travelers will enjoy additional savings due to favorable exchange rate. Check Daily Exchange Rates. (Rates will vary and do not include credit card exchange fees. Subject to daily exchange rate changes).
  • All retreats require a 50% deposit at time of booking, with full payment due at check-out. Cancellation within 30 days of program start date will result in full retreat charged.


Gayle Hulme, Physiotherapist
I have taken several of the Keller Method’s Self-Myofascial Release courses. As a Physiotherapist, these courses have been very practical and easy to implement into my practice. Kathleen holds a wealth of knowledge and has a wonderful way of sharing this with others. I highly recommend Kathleen and her courses!

Hayden Gladstone, Personal Trainer
I was urged to visit Kathleen by a medical expert I thoroughly respect.  I came to Kathleen with the goal of expanding my knowledge of self-myofascial release, myofascial lines, posture and alignment. Thank goodness I found her! I have learned more about my movement patterns and how to adjust them to optimize my physical potential than I ever expected. As a wonderful aside, I come away with a new tool each time I visit Kathleen that I can utilize in my own practice as a Personal Trainer. Kathleen is one of the most valuable resources I have come by in the mind/body realm – I can’t recommend her enough!

Doug Frenette
Through Kat’s extensive knowledge, she has been able to bring my aging body back from what had been a surgical solution to just minor irritations with my back and ankle. Transformative, really. She has given me a lifelong strategy, and for that, I will be forever grateful! Thx, Kat!

Kun Wang
I learned Fascial Fitness techniques from Kathleen. It has been very helpful in my recovery journey. I have worked in the health profession for many years and have seen many health professionals myself. I have to say Kathleen is among the very best of the health professionals that I know. I would highly recommend Kathleen to anybody. She is a true professional, a natural healer, and a gifted teacher. She is very knowledgeable about what she does, and very precise. She is dedicated to her calling. She cares about her clients deeply. She has a great sense of humor and naturally puts people at ease. She is full of life and fun. Thank you so much, Kathleen, for all your help.