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Kathleen Keller

Wellness Facilitator – Owner Keller Method Vitality Inc.
Certified teacher of Fascial Fitness, Pilates Rehabilitation and TRE® – Tension Release Exercise.
Entrepreneur facilitating retreats, lectures and workshops.

About, Career, & Passions:
With 40+ years teaching experience, Kathleen is a true pioneer in the health and wellness industry. Her approachability, sense of humour and compassion, keeps her students and clients coming back for more. Kat teaches Fascial Fitness, Pilates, Functional Fitness and TRE® – Tension Release Exercise.
Kathleen’s greatest passion is Myofascial Education. She enlightens people about their body’s muscular connective tissues. Myofascia gives muscles their shape and widely “inter-connects” the body in very specific and profound ways. She teaches the most effective ways for you to make your myofascia healthy and “juicy” again.
Since 2008, her private practice has been based solely within Physiotherapy Clinics in Calgary, Canada. Since 2002 she has been known as the “Teachers-Teacher”. Kat taught overseas for several years and has facilitated Fascial Fitness and Pilates Teacher-Trainings on three continents.
A multitude of factors can negatively affect the health of your myofascial tissues, including repetitive work-related postures, general habits & daily life activities, lifestyle, injuries, surgeries and chronic stress. Her aim is to empower people to help prevent and remediate injuries caused by myofascial restrictions, and to increase joint mobility and stability.
Kat has an artistic way of teaching with a one-of-a-kind healing approach. Simply put…she helps create healthier and more freely moving humans.


  • Fascial Fitness – Dr. Robert Schleip, Germany
  • Myofascial “Anatomy Trains– Thomas Myers, Associate Teacher, USA
  • Self Myofascial Release – Body Rolling, Yamuma Zake, USA
  • Pilates Rehabilitation – The Method Center, Canada
  • Pilates Multiple Certifications – Polestar® Hong Kong; Meridian® Malaysia; Merrithew® Canada
  • TRE® – Tension & Trauma Release Exercise, USA

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