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Kathleen Keller

Health & Wellness Educator – Owner Keller Method Vitality Inc.
About, Career, & Passions:
Kat is a natural borne teacher and a lifelong lover of movement. She started with ballet at three, gymnastics through her teen’s, was a pioneer aerobics instructor, professional dancer/dance instructor (including disco!), personal trainer and fitness club manager. Kat discovered Pilates after a severe dance injury in the mid-90’s. She changed her trajectory and moved into the softer and more healing methods of movement therapies. She completed the first of her four Pilates Certifications in 97, and opened her Pilates studio in 2000 in Vancouver, Canada.

Life drastically changed, in 2002! Kat had just begun myofascial studies (your bodies connective tissue) and just discovered a new passion for Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) …. when she took on a huge challenge. She was hired by the family of the-then, Malaysian Prime Minister to relocate overseas, to train Pilates Instructors. She opened Pilates studios, and became a teacher-trainer. She trained, and then mentored locals and gave them their career start, in what was at that time, a newly forming Pilates industry. Kat brought the 1st international level of Pilates and SMR techniques to Kuala Lumpur (MY), Jakarta (IND) and Alicante (Spain).

Since returning to Canada in 2008, Kat has based her practice solely out of well-respected physiotherapy clinics. She works closely with, and continues to learn from, the topmost physiotherapists in Calgary. Kat is a life-long learner, constantly exploring new and complementary therapeutic movement modalities. In 2017 she discovered TRE® -Tension & Trauma Release Exercise, she knew immediately she had a vocational calling, to bring this powerful technique to her students and clients. She became certified in 2019 and brought TRE® into her practice.

Kathleen brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion, humour, and experience, to the retreats, workshops, lectures, and classes that she presents. Kat has an artistic way of teaching with a one-of-a-kind healing approach, to your wellbeing.


Certified TRE® Provider – Tension, Trauma & Stress Release Exercise
Kat believes that everyone can greatly benefit knowing how to release stress, from where it gets trapped, in the central nervous system. TRE® is a somatic (body) release, it is not talk therapy. Once learned, it is a quick and easy tension releasing tool that you will have for life! It helps the body to release mild upsets to severe anxiety caused by a multitude of factors such as work and pandemic stress, excessive worry, conflict in relationships, physical stressors such as traumas from accidents, surgeries, and injuries.
Self-Myofascial Release Specialist (SMR)
Kat loves to educate about the connectivity and roles of myofascia, how fascial restrictions can create pain and dysfunction, and what you can do about it! She teaches you how to be “your own therapist”, with the use of small therapeutic balls. Kat has been developing her SMR techniques since 2002 and has taught her methods to thousands of people.
Pilates Multi-Certifications – Master-Practitioner – Polestar®, Meridian®, STOTT®, The Method Center – Pilates Rehabilitation
Certified Myofascia Teacher Associate – Thomas Myers (Anatomy Trains)
Certified Fascial Fitness Trainer – Dr. Robert Schleip
Certified Yamuna® Body Rolling Practitioner
Posture and Myofascia Educator
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