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Tension & Stress Release Retreat

Tension & Stress Release

February 26-28, 2021
Kathleen Keller

About The Retreat

In the luxury of the ultimate natural mountain destination, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise looks after all your needs and you concentrate on yourself. In this unique, all-inclusive retreat you learn cutting-edge SELF-CARE tools, to profoundly release stress and tension held with-in your central nervous system and myofascia (your bodies connective tissue).

Your retreat with international facilitator Kathleen (Kat) Keller, includes an eye-opening virtual talk and four TRE® Group-Virtual classes, plus a 45 minute private session with Kat. Kat is a master educator with 40 years teaching experience. She has focused on therapeutic movement since 2007. She is the only instructor in the world with the unique blend of trainings to facilitate the modalities offered in this program. Enjoy delicious healthy meals, pamper yourself with a world-class massage or spa treatment, explore the gorgeous trails, relax with new friends or read a good book.

Re-set your central nervous system to “CALM”.
Profoundly RELAX – with two powerful self-care techniques:

TRE®– Tension Release Exercise – 4 Group-Virtual Classes (from your room)
SMR – Self Myofascial Release – In your private session (in-person/masked or virtual), you have an option to learn SMR techniques. This would be for an area of your body that you & Kat decide upon together.

WITH TRE® you learn to safely activate your own natural mammalian reflex mechanism. This opens the door for you to “make friends with your central nervous system”. You start by doing a series of innovative, basic exercises that can be modified to suit most fitness levels. The exercises allow your body to release deep muscular tension & myofascial holding patterns of tension, stress or trauma. You learn how to profoundly calm your nervous system, through “shaking or vibrating”. Kathleen holds your space and guides you to activate this natural mechanism. In the serene and safe setting of the Chateau, your system returns to homeostasis (balance). After practicing with Kat 4 times, you will be able to replicate the process yourself. TRE® produces the same brain waves as meditation, yet you don’t have to clear your mind, a real bonus for people who find meditation difficult. 

WITH SMR (an option for your private session with Kat) you can learn to use small air-filled therapeutic balls. Kathleen guides you how to gently open and release some of the most common muscles that contract during times of tension or stress. These areas are: Psoas, upper trapezius, scalenes and suboccipitals. See the itinerary for more detailed information about these muscles, and what you can choose to do in your private session. You can learn the beautiful simplicity of un-winding and releasing your connective tissue, with a soft approach. 

Due to the nature of TRE® and SMR, all interested retreat participants must complete a confidential participant information form for Kathleen to review. TRE® and SMR are appropriate for almost everyone, but your safety and comfort levels are our primary concerns.  Kathleen will reach out to you after you submit your registration and participant information forms before your reservation is confirmed.

View full retreat itinerary
Safe retreat information

Retreat Takeaways

  • Learn to profoundly discharge general anxiety and stressful events from your central nervous system
  • From a strong foundation, easily build a TRE® practice into your life in only 15 minutes / 3 days a week
  • Understand your central nervous system’s reaction to stress on a deeper level & know how to regulate it
  • Free deep restrictions within your fight and flight muscles and know how to replicate this on your own
  • Explore new techniques to induce sleep, increase energy, decrease general anxiety & help heal injuries

Retreat Includes

  • 4 Group-Virtual TRE®classes / discussions (as per the itinerary)
  • 1 – 45 minute private session with Kathleen (as per the itinerary)
  • 2 nights accommodation at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in a Fairmont room
  • Mindful meals – welcome refreshments and dinner on Friday; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday; breakfast on Sunday. Gratuities included. Dietary requirements can be accommodated.
  • Amenities at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
  • Free time daily

Retreat Audience

  • All people wanting to find calmness, but who find mediation or mindfulness too difficult or time consuming.  This program is a callout to all “A” type personalities!
  • All people looking for a profound yet easy way, to de-stress their central nervous system and feel better, anytime they feel the need to do so.

Retreat Rates

  • Be one of the first five people to book and receive a complimentary upgrade to a Deluxe Lake View room (subject to availability)
    • Single occupancy is available from $535 per night or $1,070 Canadian for the full retreat
    • Double occupancy is available from $442 per person, per night or $884 Canadian per person for the full retreat
  • Rates based on a Deluxe Room
  • Rates do not include taxes or service charges
  • Two night stay required
  • Currently only Canadians can book these retreats
  • All retreats require 50% deposit at time of booking, with full payment due at check-out. Cancellation within one month of program start date will result in full retreat charged. If the hotel has to cancel the retreat for any reason, the full deposit will be refunded or applied to a future retreat. If a guest is unable to travel due to Covid related illness or isolation, the deposit will be applied to a future retreat before December 31, 2021.


  • “I have taken several of the Kathleen’s Self Myofascial Release courses. As a Physiotherapist, these courses have been very practical and easy to implement into my practice. Kathleen holds a wealth of knowledge and has a wonderful way of sharing this knowledge with others. I highly recommend Kathleen and her courses!” – Gayle
  • “I highly recommend Kat for TRE, Pilates & Self Myofascial Release. She has true empathy and patience. I can’t say enough great things about TRE! It’s the greatest stress release that I have ever experienced, and I can do it myself which is a god-send. As someone who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, Kathleen is extremely knowledgeable and is always able to adapt my sessions to the ever-changing needs of my body.” – Catherine
  • “I am extremely thankful for the care, knowledge, understanding and professionalism displayed by Kathleen in her practice. She helped me regain range of motion and strength in my shoulder after a major surgery. I can’t recommend her enough to folks wanting to restore their core strength and flexibility.” – Malcolm
  • “With Kathleen, it is not just about exercising, it is about developing your whole body harmoniously, restoring the balance between left and right, top and bottom and waking up muscles you didn’t even know existed. You will get hooked if you start with her!” – Isabelle

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For bookings & Inquiries, contact:

Davina Bernard, Director of Wellness
TEL | +1 403 522 1638

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