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Jeff mah

Yoga practitioner of 15 years, owner of Yoga Lounge in Canmore, Canada

About, Career, & Passions:

Jeff is a well-respected mainstay in the yoga scene. In his capacity as a teacher and studio owner, he has worked with thousands of students over the past 15 years. He has taught internationally in Asia, led sought-after yoga retreats in Maui, Kauai, Costa Rica, Quadra Island, etc. and taught workshops across Canada. As one of Lululemon’s most established long-term ambassadors, he has represented the brand in various publications such as Yoga Journal. 

A fortunate by-product of multiple inspirations, Jeff has trained in Ashtanga at Downward Dog Yoga Studio (Toronto) with Ron Reid and Diane Bruni, and done extensive Iyengar work with Hart Lazer (Montreal). 

As a husband and father of two little girls, his most recent learnings have been borne from extensive personal explorations, observations, and curiosity on how to make life better.

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Upcoming Retreats  

Yogic Explorations – February 3-6, 2022 | March 24-27, 2022 | October 27-30, 2022
An intensive yoga retreat focusing on power practices and techniques for our changing world.

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