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Cian Dalton


About, Career, & Passions:

Cian is a resiliency specialist, a movement coach, former professional boxer and the first Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor in British Columbia. He worked as an engineer in the field of wind power for over a decade. His role consisted of studying air flow mechanics and how to extract energy from air via wind turbines. It finally dawned on him that it was more important for human beings to learn how to be more efficient at extracting energy from air and to live more powerful lives. He made the inevitable switch from Wind Power to HUMAN POWER!

Now a movement coach and stretch therapist, he owns and operates his own breathwork and stretch therapy studio in Kitsilano called The Stretch  Space, that helps athletes and all kinds of movers to move better and feel better. He is deeply interested in the field of recovery and specializes in building resiliency as a way to increase performance and live a more optimal life.

Never shy from personal and physical challenges, he understands what it takes to push the human body to its limits. As a movement and performance coach, and former pro athlete and engineer he uses all of his past experiences and education to help his participants and clients achieve their personal bests.

My Mission:

To empower people to take control of their own health and to not need to rely on expensive short term fixes. Since moving from the field of wind power to human power, his mission is to encourage others and society to spend at least as much time optimizing humans as we do with machines and technology.


  • Stretching, breathing and movement along with mindset and recovery training as a way to excel. and live a more resilient life of limitless possibilities.
  • Helping athletes and all movers to reach towards their potential.


  • Fascial Stretch specialist Level 3
  • Professional Boxer, 4-0-1 PA, CA
  • MSc Renewable Energy Engineering
  • Personal Trainer 
  • WHM Instructor
  • Breathwave concious breathing facilitator
  • FRC, FRA Mobility and Movement Specialist

Upcoming Retreats

Wim Hof Method 
Tap into your true potential, reconnect with mother nature and become superhuman!  Learn tools to optimize your health through deep breathing exercises, cold immersions, connection and utilizing the power of your own mind. 

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