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Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, the Jewel of Banff National Park
Sustainable Responsibility
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Located in Banff National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is recognized globally for its sustainable programs. For over a century the Chateau has had the privilege of welcoming guests to one of the World’s most precious and pristine locations. Preserving the natural environment for future generations is the core value of our historic, 4-diamond resort.

No Net Environmental Impact - Banff national park

No net negative environmental impact

For over 10 years, the Chateau has incorporated “No Net Negative Environmental Impact” practices into all hotel operations. The purpose of the NNNEI is to ensure we are minimizing our impact on nature. The NNNEI results are reported on a yearly basis to Parks Canada.

Energy Efficiency at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Energy efficiency

To show our commitment to the fight against climate change, the Chateau purchases 50% of its electricity from wood biomass generated Green Power and has installed various energy efficient heating sources. Between 2014 and 2015, we decreased both the Chateau’s use of propane by 11%, and our electrical consumption by 3.5%.

Susatinability, Water Wise

Water wise

Water saving fixtures can be found all throughout the property. We save 3.9 gallons of water per flush due to the installation of low flush toilets and our shower heads save 1.5 gallons of water per minute. The decrease in water consumption at The Chateau is also related to the construction of a new water treatment plant. Between 1995 and 2015, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise has decreased water consumption in a 38%. To ensure our water quality, surface water quality samples are collected from Lake Louise and Louise Creek on an annual basis, as part of an ongoing water chemistry monitoring program.

Sustainability - recycling left over hotel toiletries with Clean the World

Toiletry recycling

Left-over soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion from guest rooms is donated to the Clean the World Foundation Inc., which processes and distributes amenities to homeless shelters, senior citizens and struggling families throughout Canada and impoverished nations around the globe. The Chateau is proudly active as part of this foundation’s Global Hygiene Revolution, collecting 18,502 lbs. of waste, recycling 7,322 lbs. of plastic, and distributing 46,6060 soap bars!

Plant for the Planet | Sustainability | Reduce Laundry Cost and Donate

Plant for the Planet

Guests may reuse their towels when they stay in the hotel for more than one night. Half of the savings on laundry expenses generated by this initiatives are used to fund agroforestry projects.

Sustainable menus

Our culinary team is delighted to serve local, organic, and/or sustainable menu items whenever possible. Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise also participates in the Ocean Wise sustainability food program.

Black Bear in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Wildlife conservation

The Fairmont CAREs Program – Westslope Cutthroat Trout Restoration Project aims to preserve one of the few naturally occurring wild trout in western Canada. Provincially listed as threatened in Alberta, they now occupy less than 10% of their historic range. Since 2012, The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise has donated over $12,000 to fund Parks Canada’s Westslope Cutthroat Trout Restoration project in Banff National Park

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise | 5 Green key Eco-Rating

5 Green Key eco-rating

In 2005, The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise was awarded a rating of 5 Green Keys from the Hotel Association of Canada’s Green Key Eco-Rating Program. The Chateau was the very first hotel in Canada to receive a 5 Green Key rating, the highest possible rating in the program. We are so proud to announce Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise has once again received a rating of 5 Green Keys for 2019! To learn more about the program, please visit their website.

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