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Trish Tutton, Wellness Facilitator


Speaker and Mindfulness Teacher

About, Career, & Passions:

After years working in cultures where stress and burnout were seemingly the only way to success, Trish suffered a shocking loss and things became clear: stress is unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to dictate our lives. After over a decade of study, she teaches simple, data-driven mindfulness techniques that help us live and work happier, and her mission is to create calmer, happier and more effective people and workplaces.

She has studied mindfulness in many capacities and considers herself a lifelong student. Studies include:

  • Google’s signature workplace mindfulness course Search Inside Yourself 
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) via University of Massachusetts 
  • Science of Well-being Course via Yale University
  • Fundamentals of Coaching – Co-active Coach Training (CTI)
  • Multiple 5 – 10 day Mindfulness Meditation Retreats yearly
  • 10+ years of personal mindfulness practice 
  • Previous career in non-profit administration and event coordination
  • Honours degree from the University of Guelph

As a speaker and mindfulness teacher, Trish has spoken to thousands of people on stages (and virtually!) across North America as well as been a guest on several podcasts and quoted in She works with private clients and audiences to put down their busy badge of honor and be more effective, productive and happier at work.

She is deeply passionate about empowering people to meet the challenges of their life with more peace and presence; to use the practice of mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety, and create individual and team resilience.

Trish’s presentations are customized for each audience, and are always experiential in nature. When she steps onstage her natural presence, enthusiasm and passion shine through. Through simple techniques, humor and infectious energy, she uses experience and knowledge to inspire her audiences to make small changes that will have a huge impact.

You can find her as a teacher on the #1 free meditation app in the world, Insight Timer and she is the author of the Mindful Mornings Journal.c

You can find her as a teacher on the #1 free meditation app in the world, Insight Timer and she is the author of the Mindful Mornings Journal.

​Trish is on a mission to help you be calmer, happier, and more effective in your life and work.

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Upcoming Retreats

Modern Mindfulness – April 8-11, 2022 | October 20-23, 2022
Being present and calm sounds ideal – but how do we integrate wisdom teachings into modern life? This retreat will teach meaningful ways to help you find more peace and presence.

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