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wellness retreat in the rockies
Cali Brown, Wellness Facilitator | Healing with Horses at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Cali Brown – Wellness Facilitator

About, Career, & Passions:

Cali Brown is a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach, Journeyman Hairstylist/Esthetician and a lifetime horsewoman. She lives in Maple Creek, SK with her Husband Slim Brown, Professional Pick Up man & Horse Trainer raising their two little boys, Hudson & Beckham. She is the founder of Conscious Effects and works with her husband running leading equine retreats / workshops and private sessions helping people heal from their pain and become more comfortable in their own skin so they can experience more joy and self love. Behind the scenes of the company training horses and constantly growing and learning how to deepen the connection between horse and human. Since a teenager, I have always had an interest in what makes a person whole. I was always drawn to genuine people that were content and gracious in life. In my wellness journey horses have taught me so many lessons in life and showed up for me in the darkest moments. After 10 years of working with people in the beauty industry focusing on their physical appearance my interest in psychology was growing to help people at a deeper level. I knew that horses could amplify the healing and self awareness process better than any human could. I found the perfect 2-year course in Elizabeth Colorado, (Touched by A Horse) becoming a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach. I now have the tools and education to work with clients to help them get rid of trauma, deal with grief, strengthen self esteem, learn boundaries and discover all the different parts of themselves. Two years ago, we partnered with BEMER, Leaders in Bio Electric Magnetic Therapy. This has helped our horses in their training and performance and we have integrated the BEMER into all our Retreats and workshops to help clients increase their blood flow at a microcirculatory level optimizing the healing benefits of what we do in our sessions. I am grateful for my journey and life’s work. Watching people get the light back in their eyes is the greatest gift for me.

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Upcoming Retreats

Healing with Horses – September 11-14, 2022
Join us as we partner with horses and their intuitive guidance to help us become more grounded, whole and authentic. Having conversations that are needed to be had and using self awareness to truly transform our lives.

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